Sanctuary Campaign

SODA united with Everpress to run a new design-led campaign to raise money and awareness for The Childhood Trust – a fundraising and grant-making group who work with grassroots charities to help alleviate the impact of child poverty in London.SODA recently worked with the charity to make significant improvements to the Venture Centre in North Kensington.

The series was set-up under the theme of ‘Sanctuary’, with a number of high-profile designers, illustrators and architectural practices creating one-off artworks that were printed on limited edition t-shirts. The campaign started on 11th October 2018 and ran for three weeks, during which time members of the public were able to purchase t-shirts from the Everpress online shop. All participating designers agreed to give their time for free so that 100% of profits went directly to the Childhood Trust, helping them to create and improve safe spaces for children around London. Together, we managed to raise £3,800.00 for the charity.

Creatives from across London worked on the t-shirt designs, representing their idea of sanctuary. This was depicted through a variety of mediums, including typography, illustration and photography. The creative list included SODA, artists Corin Kennington and Jonny Gent; designers Hato, Pentagram, Lovers and Here Design; illustrators Inari Sirola, Jamie Edler and Lawrence Slater; photographer Lewis Khan; and architects DK-CM and Zaha Hadid.

Photos courtesy of Ari Gurdon Lindey