Walker’s Court

This major redevelopment of Walker’s Court in Soho has created a dynamic series of spaces that embody both the theatrical nature of the site and the local history of the conservation area. Working hand-in-hand with Soho Estates, this complex undertaking spanned over eight years form start to finish and the final scheme sees the successful delivery of the all new Boulevard Theatre, boutique shops, a nightclubs and bars, residential apartments and rooftop offices space.

Architecturally, the historic plot widths of Soho have been reinstated in a combination of hand-made bricks, The varied building heights have replaced the post-war, lateral development of the site whilst selected buildings have been restored. The infamous Box nightclub remained open throughout and has been overclad with a lattice of hit-and-miss brickwork and programable LED lights, creating a striking modern aesthetic that simultaneously reveals glimpses of the site’s historic past.

To the north, a double-storey, glazed bridge connects the two sides of the court, creating a theatre box office and bar space and to the south, the iconic Raymond Revuebar signage has been reinstated, and once again shines bright on the streets of Soho below.

Photography by Tom Lee, Billy Bolton, Jack Hobhouse, Liam Wong