Through the Mural

When it comes to public space, art and architecture have a symbiotic relationship: buildings frame environments whilst art expresses identity - together expressing a unique character and voice to all those that inhabit it.

SODA and long term collaborators ARTIQ came together to put on an exhibition for one night only in Clerkenwell’s secret space, Compton Courtyard. Accessed through the SODA mural, the courtyard featured a series of sculptures, curated by ARTIQ, celebrating the relationship between art and its surroundings.

The identity for Through the Mural was designed with the sculptures in mind, with simplistic typography and monotone imagery showcasing the forms and materiality of the work. The blue and green colour scheme reflects the colours found in the mural and within the courtyard itself and minimalist icons were used to identify the materials found within each piece and adding a sense of discovery for the viewer.