Sierra Quebec Bravo

SQB offers an alternative form of workspaces inside an existing 13-storey building, located on the Isle of Dogs and opposite Canary Wharf. The project is envisaged as a more youthful and rebellious office development, when compared to its more corporate neighbours. A giant mural runs the full height of the exterior, inspired by the Dazzle Camouflage that was once used by the military to distract enemies using bold patterns and shocking design.

The interiors have been created to facilitate a range of different working environments, including coworking, incubator hubs and large floor plates that could be taken by a single tenant. The materials and colour palette selected for the retrofit are deliberately playful to contrast with the more austere surroundings, while also employing rich tones and textures to bring a sense of warmth to the various spaces. An emphasis on occupant wellbeing is essential, which will be achieved through an abundance of biophilia, large gym areas and a cycle ramp that enters the building.

Photography by Gareth Gardner