Courier Media

SODA Studio has designed the new home for Courier Media, the media brand dedicated to a new generation of entrepreneurs, providing tools, skills and stories of innovative small businesses from around the world. The design of the interior spaces at their Hackney HQ is based on this playful contradiction, creating experiences that balance public and private, as well as homely and professional – using a combination of raw and refined finishes.

The progression through the varying workspaces takes on a narrative of its own as the floor is split into different levels, transitioning from social spaces at the upper levels, down to calmer areas for more traditional forms of working lower down. Joinery has been used to frame different spaces and accentuate their functions, while a subtle midcentury palette was adopted which uses neutral tones, alongside splashes of colour in the furniture and fabrics. This approach - to contrast the muted and refined with the expressive and dynamic - sets the perfect atmosphere for creative production.

Photography by Billy Bolton