Soho’s newest playhouse, the Boulevard Theatre, opened in November 2019. Designed by SODA, it represents a unique collaboration between architecture and graphic design working in one studio. Much like the revolving auditorium, we took a 360° approach to the design of the building and everything in it; from the brand identity and social channels, through to the business cards and menus in the space.

The Boulevard identity was inspired by the building architecture and circular 360° revolving stage. The ‘B’ icon is formed of two circles and intercut with a custom keyhole device, a nod toward its previous brothel site history. The same system occurs within the Boulevard wordmark – the keyhole takes centre stage within the “o” acting as a pivotal letter, allowing the type to lock-up vertically and horizontally on its axis. This same letterform inspired the shape of the rotating auditorium balcony, an example of the blurred boundaries between disciplines.

Crosspollination also occurred within the interior finishes. Influenced by the brand colours and surrounding Soho environment, our colour concept alters between night and day and is woven throughout the building.

Photography by SODA Studio, Jack Hobhouse, Liam Wong & Tom Lee