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Whose Bag? Sophie Watkins

What’s your bag story?
This backpack is my ultimate bag for life! I love that it’s a real combination of function and style. It’s from an atelier in Amsterdam who handcraft all their pieces from repurposed canvas, or as in this case, dead stock leather. It’s even signed and dated inside by Jildau, its maker.

What would you never leave the house without?
My trusty steed aka St Johns bicycle by The Light Blue.

Tell us about your book and seeds.
In amongst the typical essentials is The Thoughtful Gardener, a beautiful book that I’m currently reading by Jinny Blom, and a small sachet of seeds. These particular seeds are a Native American heirloom: a variety of pole bean called ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears’*. Though I don’t have a garden of my own, I have found a few spots around the neighbourhood to a sow a few!

*In the early 19th Century the Cherokee were forced out of their homelands in Georgia by the US government. This variety, named after the march they were forced to make, has been handed down from generation to generation ever since.