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The Venture Centre

The Childhood Trust is a fundraising and grant making charity who work with grass roots charities to help alleviate the impact of child poverty in London. We wanted to donate both money and time to support their work. They introduced us to Venture Centre in North Kensignton, to help realise the centre’s ambition to lighten and brighten their entrance space.

When we heard this, we thought we could use our experience and reach out to our friends and colleagues within the industry to see what we could achieve.

With the generous help of The Office Group, Parkeray, Shape London, Blenheim House and Briggs & Forrester, we achieved a huge amount – a revitalised entrance space, dedicated staffroom, bespoke desk and work spaces, a brighter community hall, plus new lights, planting, signage and furniture throughout too.

It was a wonderful experience working collectively to transform a space, and make a positive difference to the day to day life of the community at the Venture Centre.

Thank you to everyone who helped!

You can find out more about the amazing work that he Childhood Trust does here: