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The Material of Our Ideas

Materiality is important to all of our projects – from concept to construction and ultimately the final relationships with end users. We recently edited our material library to sift out any old or unwanted samples as it was starting to engulf the studio. The resulting, curated library is a functional and beautiful asset; where materials can be placed side by side allowing us to think laterally about the spaces across the building as a whole and create textural links through the material palettes chosen.

The tactility of our designed spaces is an accumulation of well-chosen and sourced materials used in new and inspiring ways. The detail drawings created in our studio are developed in conjunction with knowledge of these elements and an endless experimental attitude.

Certain concepts dictate precise choices of brick type, finish and coursing for instance. Other projects organically develop alongside the rationale and materials of its immediate context. Every once in a while a fragment on site can be found that inspires a material choice.

The benefits of 1:1 testing helps us create a real sense of the space, which a virtual render just cannot convey. The importance of appealing to the other senses, apart from just vision, during the design process is something we strive for and the material library helps us achieve this.