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On our shelf: ‘Gentle Rain’ Magazine

Whilst working on the imminent first issue of our SODA publication, we’ve been refining layouts, collaborating with old friends, and researching other publications currently distributed in London. 

Our favourite shop MagCulture is just round the corner, which means we have an amazing choice of magazines to study. One that caught our eye recently was Gentle Rain (and other reasons to love Hamburg) – initially standing out off the shelf because of it’s fluorescent red cover and unusually tall and slim dimensions, he varying layouts maintain a good pace throughout the magazine, whilst the fluorescent highlights keeping the rhythm and weaving the piece together.

Content-wise the magazine is a very endearing way to promote a city, whilst providing readers with articles that are genuinely interesting to read – regardless of whether you intend to visit Hamburg or not. It reads like a love-letter to Hamburg and we’ll definitely be visiting soon!