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Our Graphic Anatomy

This journal series entitled ‘On the Drawing Board’ will explore the architectural drawings produced in our studio. This feature of the Journal will cover a broad spectrum from concept sketches to intricate details across a wide variety of projects. They will showcase the drawing as part of the evolution of a project but also as a crafted piece of design in itself.


The first featured drawing documents our very own studio space, where ideas are generated and drawings are created. We are surrounded by technology like any metropolitan company, but also have an abundance of physical elements to interact with: material swatches, books to inspire, models to play with, printers and lights to experiment with.


Our studio is an active working environment with a feeling of vitality and process. It is a space for interconnecting creative people with the fundamentals of ritual and originality. The aim of this drawing is to somehow demonstrate the way we work. Over the coming months, this drawing will become more populated to map where the featured works that we highlight for this series, is created. Check back in to see the evolving process.