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Life & Soul: Céline Valligny

Our Life & Soul series (featured in SODA Review: Volume 1) showcases the people who live, work and bring to life the spaces we’ve designed. We sat down with some of these lovely people to chat about their experiences in SODA spaces.

First in the series is Céline Valligny, who works as a Receptionist at Green Rooms in Wood Green.

“I’m a fairly new addition to the Green Rooms team as I started in early August 2017! My average day at Green Rooms involves a lot of administration e.g. dealing with room bookings, hiring spaces, general enquiries over the phone, answering emails’ as well as general customer service. Part of my job also involves lots of listening and talking: each Green Rooms staff member has become a familiar face to the local Wood Green residents, whom in return have found a place where they can socialise, entertain and even work – we’re quite popular among the creative professionals.

A small garden area has been installed recently in our courtyard, and I like spending my breaks there. I admit my job can sometimes get a little bit stressful, and I need a quiet environment to relax, even for only 5 minutes!”

Click here for more information about Green Rooms.

Portrait illustrated by Cressida Djambov