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Encompassing Architecture and Branding

SODA collaborated with Sweetdram for their first property, an experimental distillery lab, research facility and events space in Dalston, London. At the same time, Sweetdram rebranded their bottles and identity. The Bauhaus aesthetic of their graphics influenced the drawings done by SODA.  The space wanted to be appealing, relaxed rather than corporate and sterile. Although Sweetdram are working in a research facility it had to also feel craft orientated whilst maintaining distinct functionality. The drawings produced for the project emulated this idea where they were both functional as a detailed design drawing but were a crafted piece of art in their own right too.

Due to the small footprint of the project, it meant that the space could be drawn in great detail and each element explored. The initial concept began by inserting an extremely basic element of architecture: a wall acting as a monolithic piece of beautifully crafted furniture, it accommodates the needs of users with concealed shelving, storage, fold out work surfaces, drawers, doors and a degree of space separation. The requirement of the end users is something we take seriously. An important conversation in the development of objects is their ergonomic quality of architectural interventions. These proportions are expressed within the space through specific alignments and material details.

Working with SODA as collaborators instead of clients meant they could get under our skin and explore what drives us. As a result, the space they’ve created not only balances function and aesthetic, it also acts as an extension of Sweetdram and a showcase for what we do. More than being just a nice place to work, the space completely immerses us in the brand everyday. Having the ability to distil and create continuously, to test the potential of the materials and tools we use, will ultimately make us better distillers.”- Andrew MacLeod Smith of Sweetdram

The Branding of Sweetdram stemmed from the creative direction of Andreas Neophytou. To find out more about the Sweetdram project, click here